The following are just a few of the many testimonials that Charanga Tropical has received from their various performances:

Undeniably engaging! - Heather Spears

The hardest working and most exciting salsa band in the Twin Cities. - Hanna Hodson

Charanga Tropical stays close to the traditional salsa lines, but all the while being remarkably refreshing. - Thomas Greer

An explosion of sights and sounds unlike any other in town! - Mark Leister

Charanga somehow manages to create an intricate wall of sound that doesn't overpower and leaves you breathless. - Anita Wilson

With this band, you never know what's going to happen next, and you're ecstatic that you don't! - Isaac Fellman

As authentic and real as it gets. - Jason Larson

I wasn't a dancer, until I saw them. - Timothy Whitehead

With Charanga, you can tell a veil has been lifted from Twin Cities Salsa. - Ralph Porter

Astoundingly delicious and ornate in both structure and harmony. - George Santos

If this band doesn't make you want to get up and move your feet, you might as well just stop listening to music altogether, because no band will. - Shelia Lee

Geographically enlightening, Charanga Tropical will help you escape directly to where the music was born. - Nancie Galindo

Such an amazing amount of textural diversity. - Kenneth Brown

Charanga is a band the begs to heard time and time again thanks to the wonderful amount of variety within not only the band's songs, but also in its musicians. - Cheryl Holmes

This band places about as much emphasis on it's musical roots as any band nationwide. - Oralee Chavez

Deliciously well-sculpted salsa music! - Nancy Frost

"They are the most enthusiastic and sophisticated latin band I've heard in the Twin Cities" - Sophie Manck

"One of the most intriguing and danceable Salsa bands I've ever seen" - Lester Johnson

"An absolute Latin Music powerhouse!" - Jason Jorgenson

"I couldn't keep my feet still for more than 5 seconds." - Katharine Schiltgen